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Darren Toh

Real Estate Negotiator

Hi, I am Darren Toh. Thanks for reading my website. Prior to property and real estate industry, I had been working for many companies, from a legal firm to private limited companies, public listed companies, multinational companies and offshore trust company. I graduated from BBA (Hons) UKM in 1997 and subsequently my second degree of LLB (Hons) London obtained in 2006. With both degrees, I handled commercial areas as well as legal matters. My last job was Offshore Trust Company based in Labuan. Life is not just about career and wealth, I decided to return to KL and making use of the existing life time to do what is truly important in my lifetime.

REN was my first real estate venture and I attached to KIM REALTY. Prior to that, I used to be the legal representative to attend at developers (listed company) show house (properties launching) and to prepare, advice on the conveyancing pertaining to the SPA and loan matters since 2003. My position was Conveyancing Assistant and I was responsibled to lead and supervise the preparation of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for developers and security documentation for bankers and vet through all conveyancing documents (primary sale, sub-sale, refinance, public auction sale) on behalf of developers and advise accordingly.

With few years of sailing in red and blue oceans and saw many REN in and out & up and down from this real estate industry, I deeply appreciate that our Code of Conduct and Ethnics determines our success and failure. As a Real Estate Negotiator, we must always upholding trust, secrecy and value while performing our role and duties, and to provide quality services with courtesy, fairness and integrity. And to a wider extend to preserve the public interest and be mindful of our social responsibility and not just merely the monetary consideration in returned. When we handle a case, we must be fair and justifiable to both parties within the prevailing market demand, we must do due diligence and integrity to our works and handle with courtesy. Low profile and keep secrecy of certain material information and preserving your independent value and justice in the transaction, which is not bias to all parties. This is what the willing buyer willing seller meant in the agreement. That is called Professionalism. Upholding your Professionalism, clients trust will be earned naturally.

We are living in an interactive environment and our success neither buyer seller nor landlord tenant, co-agent or whoever involve in the transaction either visible or in-visible, we must always remember to grateful to those involve. Everything happens for a reason and for a lesson, remember to do charity from the proceed you earned, do charity under your client name. Only when your clients are success, you will then be success at last.

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